WordPress vs Joomla!

Joomla vs WordPress

Which platform is best for your website?

Up until a couple of years ago, I was somewhat ignorant about websites. Ok, I was totally ignorant – aside from visiting them, I knew very little about what really went on behind the scenes. Then, life threw in that little curve ball and peaked my interest and hey-presto, I was exposed and you know what they say, “there are some things you just can’t unsee.”

One of the things that I have had to deal with, both for myself and for clients, is motivating the ‘platform’ used to build and manage any website. Having worked exclusively with Joomla! until about a year ago, I was a true Joomla-junkie. Joomla! is an open-source content management system that is incredibly versatile and can handle any type of website with ease. It is also very easy to work with from an administration point of view. Loading an article and building your content is very easy, most of the formatting is pre-programmed too, so it is difficult to mess anything up really. From an administration point of view that is.

WordPress on the other hand is also open source, but it is a blogging platform. The difference in function from a CMS is not completely obvious from the users perspective, but speak to a coder and they will usually have something to say about it. WordPress, like Joomla! is very well supported by the web community and is ever-growing in versatility and design; but does not have quite the same weight as Joomla! in terms of custom coding. It is somewhat clunky from an admin perspective and doesn’t have the simplicity of Joomla! in the admin panel.

However, having recently had to build a site from scratch, I can honestly say that WordPress is most definitely coming out tops for me. Joomla! which once seemed so wonderful, became a nightmare when I needed to start setting it up myself. I am not a web developer – I am an administrator. I write and load content, into an already built framework, so suddenly I was in a sticky spot.

WordPress saved me. Setting up a WordPress website was not without challenges, and the forums and instructions out there are supremely complicated, but It is well supported with design and functionality. The community has built a valuable collection of plug-ins that accommodate all sorts of useful functions, and the current social media trends are all made accessible which simplifies life somewhat. It is also somewhat more ‘trendy’ in some circles than Joomla! but really, most importantly, it is simply more accessible to the average person wanting to build an online¬†presence.

You might want to read something written by someone with more experience than me though?

What do you think about WordPress and/or Joomla?

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