Veldfire and other pincushions

I stumbled on a small piece of heaven today; whilst scouting Stanford and Hermanus for accommodation that is required for future tours; having viewed a few locations, we made a turn at Stanford Hills Estate. Initially the wine and wine tasting was the draw, followed by the potential accommodation on this and neighbouring farms, but then, guess what I found?


Vibrant pinhead proteas or Leucospermum.

Flowers! Hundreds of stems of them. Specifically, Leucospermum, a variety of pinhead protea and part of the indigenous fynbos found in this part of the Western Cape.

Flowers for export from Cape Town

Buckets of Leucospermum lined up ready to be boxed for export.

As a florist in the UK I was very familiar with the beautiful South African flowers, but it was so nice to see them growing wild (prolifically!)

Turns out that Stanford Hills Estate is not only a wine farm, but also grows these and other flowers as well as olives.

This is pretty much how I felt – all kind of swoony!

Pinhead protea from Cape Town

Swooning at site of all the buckets of proteas

Stanford Hills Estate is part of¬†Weltevrede farm, the original home of a unique species of Leucospermum (also known as a pincushion) which is called ‘Veldfire’. You can read more about their flower growing here.

Flowers for direct export

Conditioning the Leucospermum for export

Between August and December, when the flowers are in full bloom, 15 full-time members of staff cultivate, cut and condition the flowers ready for export to Holland, Germany and Switzerland.

Stanford Hills Protea

Boxes for Flower Export

Boxes ready to package the pincushion proteas for export.

Flower Export

I love it when my daily travels uncover little adventures such as this one and I haven’t even begun to tell you about the farm itself!

Know of any good flower farms in Cape Town?

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