Social Booster Package

Social Booster Package As time is money, you may consider doing something that a wise leader does best – delegate!

The set up of your business’ social identity is one thing, but building awareness and relationships with your target market is another; it takes time, which as a business owner is a rare and precious commodity.

So what if you could delegate this to a suitable brand ambassador? Let me manage your social accounts on your behalf; this will allow you to concentrate on other things and make for a more effective medium-term strategy.

The Social Booster Package is provided on an ongoing basis (with monthly billing) and includes:

Set up of the following profiles/accounts:

  • A customised Facebook Fan Page,
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Either You Tube or Flickr
  • Additional Custom Facebook Fan Page Tab for specific promotion, database capture etc.

Monthly Monitor & Content Loading

I will create relevant copy/links/interest tailored to your target audience, that aims to convert fans into customers.This will usually include a minimum of:

  • 4 Page updates a week
  • 5 Twitter posts a week
  • 2 Pinterest sessions a week
  • YouTube/Flickr activity as per media provided.
  • Loading of events/notes to Facebook
  • Relationship building on all platforms
  • Community monitor – engage your readers in conversation and identify any issues or opportunities (for your attention)
  • Analyse the activity and review the plan each month.

In addition to the work that I do, you will also receive an optional 1 hour training session on your chosen media platforms to help you to contribute and engage. I will also provide a social media guide book and will be available for support via email.

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