Social Media Packages For Business

Social media for business

Running a business is demanding at the best of times, and a rewarding social marketing strategy takes dedication and focus, not to mention time Рa rare commodity for any entrepreneur; which is why I would recommend you consider one of my Social Media packages outlined below.

If you would like to know more about me and the work I do then visit my LinkedIn profile or you might like to see what others have said about social media and the effect it has had on their business.


The Social Starter Package is perfect for a new business or for those looking to get started with social media. I set up your accounts, load all details, customise aspects to match your business branding, and start to build your audience. When I am happy with the  functionality and design, I hand your perfectly primed social accounts back to you, along with some training materials and tips to help you build your brand into a social media success.

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If the idea of doing your own social media is too daunting or inconvenient then consider the Social Booster Package. As with the Starter Package, I will establish (or review) your identity but then, rather than handing it all back and wishing you well, I commit to a monthly plan designed to help you make the most of the Social landscape.

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Let me take care of your social reputation, all you need to do is supply your business information, a logo and photos, the rest you can leave up to me!

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