Social Media Basics

The internet has changed the way society communicates, and subsequently, the way in which we connect with potential customers has changed too. We have entered a phase of relationship marketing, in which social media has become predominant as companies compete for an emotional connection with their audience.

It is not just about Facebook either, there are many different social networks, different platforms with different characteristics and different rewards, and yet as a business, you are expected to be out there; so, how do you start and how do you know which platform to use to gain consumer trust?

First, let’s go back to the very basics:

Social media is the technology that connects people. People connect through interactive activities such as conversations; sharing of photos,videos and music; debating common interests or curating a hobby, for example.

Social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Pinterest are the places (or platforms) where people participate and therefore engage in social interaction.

Social media marketing is the way we use social networks to strategically build relationships, drive business awareness and increase revenue. Positioning your brand correctly will draw potential customers, who will share their brand preferences with their networks, who in turn share with their networks thus leveraging organic growth of brand awareness.

The first thing you need to consider when planning a social media strategy for your business, is who your target market is? Who is your customer? If you know this, you can determine how best to ‘reach’ them; which social platform will be best?

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