Or, How Not Even PJ’s Can Stop A Well Thought Out Plan.

Social Media Strategy

So 2013 was not a good time for the CreatedBy website (the reason I left full-time employment), but it was fantastic for the social media element of my business. Pro-actively sourcing clients and working with them to build their online presence gave me experience I didn’t even know I lacked. Social media suddenly became the focus of everything I did.

It has been tough, but by the beginning of this year I’d reached the top of a very steep learning curve (both in working for myself and in online marketing) and I actually started to get dressed in the mornings again. Just kidding. I mostly still work in my PJ’s, but hey, I do it with INTENTION now.

That was a huge lesson for me and the point of this blog: intention.

Social media is like any other aspect of running your business, it requires a strategy, focused intent. Wafting around Facebook is for stalkers, a planned social media campaign is for you; a successful small business owner.

The internet is vast and distracting and running a business is vast and distracting.There will be times when you deviate completely from your plans, times when you can’t recall even having plans, and a strategy is essential to bring you back to focus and save time, money and sanity.

Especially sanity.

If you need some hard-earned advice on how to tackle social media for your business then give me a shout.

Does anyone else work in their PJ’s?

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