Facebook News Feed – New Look Announced

Facebook has announced the biggest changes in its appearance since the integration of the new Timeline. But before we panic and start the latest wave of ‘Stop Facebook’ (as if!) posts, let’s look at exactly what it means.

In a nutshell, the News feed will be upgraded in line with current trends and to accommodate the personalisation that Facebook is known (and often slated) for.

1. Bigger images – Pinterest is just one aspect of the current obsession with big photos, it is an element you see everywhere on the web these days. Web sites are cleaner with imagery playing a much bigger design role, Google+ came straight in with decent size images and even Twitter has recently changed the profile layouts to be more, well, picture-y. Facebook says photos make up 50% of all News Feed stories, so this is a natural progression.

2. Multiple feeds – As if the current stream wasn’t overwhelming enough, the updated news feed will allow you to sort between a range of different categories, for example, family/close friends vs aquaintances vs music vs photos vs games vs brands you ‘follow’ (as opposed to friend). A simple chronological news feed will remain an option too.

3. Updated styling – The new feed layout and functionality will not only bring the Facebook design bang up to date in looks (think ‘iPhone buttons as opposed to the menu list to the left of your page) but it will keep a much more consistant look accross all platforms, the way your news feed looks on your laptop will now look a whole lot more like it does on your Android device.

So there you have it, nothing too major yet enough to spark fear in the hearts of many. Or is there? In this article money.cnn.com reports that the biggest change and indeed the motivating factor for the change is all down to advertising? Something which Facebook did not mention once.

As yet, a final role-out date has not been issued, however, the transition has begun and so the changes are imminent. If you would like to be one of the first to play, then go straight over to Facebook and sign on up.

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