Around My Town – Long Street

Ask anyone in Cape Town where the best nightlife is (you know, the eating, drinking, dancing, live music sort of nightlife) and chances are ‘Long Street‘ will be the answer. It has an eclectic mix of bars, clubs and restaurants that attract all walks of life.

You would think that with late nights/early mornings, loud music and a high-octane party vibe, Long Street would eventually need to sleep? You would be wrong.

Art on buildings, Long Street.

The buildings retain a lot of original architectural features, but old and new contrast perfectly.

The late night traffic, neon lights and animated chatter does subside, and it is only in daylight that one can see the beautiful buildings, street art and quirky residents. Cafes and indie handmade shops are mixed in between bars and African markets and it is here you will be surprised to discover the best second hand book shops, artist boutiques and edgy South African street fashion designers.

Long Street Backpackers

This quirky, off beat backpackers is popular, and not just with students.

There is also a wide variety of holiday accommodation, from backpackers to the Airstream trailer park on the roof of the Grand Daddy Hotel.

Yours Truly Coffee Shop - Long Street, Cape Town.

Yours Truly – Sidewalk cafes are dotted all along Long Street, but none are quite as green fingered at this one.

Tourists can tick several things off their list of things to do, just by visiting Long Street, it has several famous eateries, a few significant landmarks and of course plenty of souvenir shopping opportunities, yet it is well visited by locals on a daily basis and considered very much a ‘local’ place.

Mama Africa

Mama Africa is a popular restaurant for anyone looking for some local food, entertainment and vibe.

Mama Africa in Cape Town

Some buildings still carry the original lattice work or other original features, others have been transformed – art has taken something functional and made it beautiful.

Lately there are quite a few artisan based shops opening up, possibly drawn by the more established ones such as Imagenius. It makes for a more interest shopping experience.

Art at Hand, Long Street.

This ‘Pop-Up” obviously couldn’t wait for their signage to arrive!

Support Local Artisans

I love this sign in the window for this artist based shop.

Like all places that draw a diverse community, there are shady elements, pick pockets are very active especially at night; but during the day, local business owners do everything they can to cheer up the dull, dark corners.

Mosaic Staircase

A dark staircase is brightened by the creative style of mirror mosaic.

Vintage decor

A dirty alley is given some designer flair with these vintage horn sets.

Long Street Artists

Even the plants get some special treatment in the decor department.

Signed Sealed and Stuck Up

A wall of a bar is covered in comments and signatures from many of its patrons, which makes for an interesting talking point.


Little decor touches will appear in the most unexpected places, like these chandelier lamps.

The lighthearted social vibe of a Long Street visit is apparent all the time…

Hire a bike

Tongue in cheek marketing for a local bike hire company.


Bar joke

Set up in one of the Long Street backpackers that I visited.

I am a Long Street fan, are you?

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