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Amanda Devine Hello!

I’m Amanda and I provide marketing and website related services designed with creative entrepreneurs and small businesses in mind.

I live in Cape Town with Lily the cat.


When I was a little girl I wanted to be a florist. I imagined spending my days creating wonderful floral arrangements, constantly surrounded by colour and scent and creativity. I wanted to Make Pretty Things.

We moved to England and it fuelled my dreams. I studied advanced techniques, worked with the best, travelled frequently to Holland (the Mecca of florists!) and designed floral creations for many special people. I opened my own shop, Devine Inspiration, soon adding a second satellite shop. I spoke about flowers, I did demonstrations and I taught flower arranging classes.

What I didn’t dream about when I was a little girl was administration, or bills, or having to file tax returns, wages, hiring staff, advertising. I don’t remember any dreams about that!


I missed South Africa and my family so in 2005 I moved back to Cape Town permanently. I thought it would be a challenge to find a career that would be as fulfilling as floristry had been, but I was wrong.

I began working for the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in their Small Business Development department, a unique incubator that nurtures growth of micro-enterprise and supports crafters and artists in building a business.

I had learnt many, many things through the growth of my own business but one thing in particular was significant; my role as an artist conflicted with my role as a business owner; I learned to switch seamlessly between the two in order to succeed. Analytical thinking was essential for running my business, creativity was essential for my floristry.

Working with others who found similar creative conflict – my role at the Waterfront was a perfect fit. Thus, I had found my new vocation; helping creative entrepreneurs to grow a sustainable business.


The success of the incubation system at the Waterfront led me to explore how I could provide other crafters and artists with similar resources and support and the concept for a website [CreatedBy] was born.

[CreatedBy] is still in the early stages, but having been introduced to web site development I was hooked and began to research the platforms available and how it could benefit entrepreneurs, passing on any knowledge I could to my tenants. This led to the investigation of social media and other potential online marketing opportunities and that was it, my inner geek was released. (Although, it would take another three years to admit that!)

After 5 years with the V&A I was ready for a new challenge but wanted to continue working with small business. I bored my friend’s ears off about websites and social media marketing and shamelessly used them as guinea pigs until I was ready for the next step. I have awesome friends!

These days you will find me online. Or on the beach dreaming about flowers.


Working with young or very small businesses is hugely rewarding for me, the personal attention I can provide builds relationships that I am lucky to carry with me long after the work is finished, and as much as I can offer or teach, inevitably I walk away having learned something too.

How can I help you take your business to the next level?



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