5 Benefits of Social Media

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5 ways social media works for business

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, they are all very useful tools in the social media marketing campaign if used effectively, but I am often asked why they are so important and what can be done with them that is truly effective?

Here are just 5 ways that social media can benefit your business:

  1. To gain insight into your customer or an area of interest. The most progressive and interesting market research can be found online within the social communities. Here your customers interact, share information and make recommendations. By listening effectively to your customer base as they communicate in any given forum, you can monitor trends and stay on top of the needs of your customer, not to mention participate ( and therefore influence the conversation) all in REAL time.
  2. Build Brand awareness. Whilst you are sleeping the world carries on interacting online. It is important to remain in focus about what is happening, especially if you are hoping to reach international customers. Any conversation that could be taking place about your brand can be tracked and monitored, allowing you to act effectively. By paying attention to the needs of your customer you can interact in a positive way.
  3. Promote products/services/events. Educating customers and building awareness is an important part of creating customers and once you have established the right sites and times to generate a buzz about your company, then you will be able to use your marketing budget more effectively. Advertising on social media is micro specific. You can choose when and for how long your ad shows, you can target specific users, you can set a budget on how much you pay or how many ads you run and the results are visible rapidly.
  4. SEO & Link Building SEO – that term that will keep surfacing! Search engine optimisation is making sure that the search engines such as Google find your site and like it. Google is giving more and more credit to social media and as the number one search engine, it helps to listen. There are many ways to ensure your site is liked and one of the ways is by having people link to it. Links build more traffic. It is that simple.
  5. Generate traffic If you are selling something then volume of visitors is often essential. By contributing to the social community you will raise the profile of your product, improve visibility but most of all, it will lay a foundation of credibility about you (as an expert) your company and your product. Writing articles, volunteering tips and giving advice not only establishes you in your customers mind, but again, improves your SEO (which means more visits).

Hopefully this will give you just a little insight as to the value of social media interaction and how it can benefit you.


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