10 Reasons to Buy Local

Cape Town - Shop local this ChristmasCape Town has such an amazing variety of creative businesses from which to choose, that shopping for Christmas is an exciting prospect. Not even a tight budget can deter me as I have a long list of affordable, unique gifts that beat a mass-produced item any day of the week.

If  you need a little additional persuasion then consider these 10 (of many) reasons that buying local is best:

  1. You are investing in someones dreams, actions and ability – An artist is only as good as the next sale (or so they say) so when you buy that special item, you are affirming that the artist has a gift, you are complimenting them and telling them to keep on doing what they are doing.
  2. You are buying something unique – there is no cliché here, when something has been made by hand it will always be a little different to a similar item. Therefore every product has an individuality, a personality of its own.
  3. Handmade = Made with love, passion and dedication
  4. Don’t be a sheep – why give a gift that several other people will possibly/probably also buy? Sure, the recipient will be thrilled you thought of them, grateful even, but think of the delight when they discover something original!
  5. Local products are better for the environment – no shipping, no unnecessary packaging, no extended transport needed. Think of the carbon emissions that are saved.
  6. Innovation – Local artists are in a position to innovate, they have total control over what they produce and can do so swiftly, responding to technology and trends far quicker than mass-produced bulk.
  7. By shopping from a local artist you are providing an income for them, their family and their staff. Often makers are independent businesses, sole proprietors who invest their every moment in keeping their business afloat, so every sale counts.
  8. Collaboration – What a perfect opportunity to work with a special maker to create something to your specifications. Their adaptability and creativity can accommodate your concepts resulting in a one-off item that you have helped to design.
  9. The economy – Something like 80% of small businesses fail within the first 2 years and by supporting small businesses you are helping to ensure that they do not just end up as another statistic.
  10. Finally, because you are buying a little part of the artist, something they have put their heart and soul into. What a wonderful way to support creativity, and purchase a work of art at an affordable price.

What reasons can you think of?

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